A Little About Us

If you’re a millennial like us, you’d rather be enjoying life rather than cleaning up after a party or assembling furniture for your home office. As anyone knows — Trying to balance chores while dealing with life can be stressful.

We started Geniemates as an alternative to traditional home service solutions, which involves poor customer service, lack of immediacy, and high prices. An alternative where your cleaning and assembly service comes to your location at the tap of a button.

Leave your cleaning chores and assembly to us. We believe in giving your time back — so you will get back to activities that matters most.

Started in Brooklyn, New York by a guy back in early 2016 with one computer, one mouse and one big idea.

A sparkling home or workplace is just a text away thanks to our simple, brand-new service. Using our super-clean, super-intuitive app, you can fire off a quick message explaining what service you need—and your Geniemate will arrive wherever you specify. Whether your apartment needs a quick touch-up before dinner or a deep clean while you’re on vacation, the Geniemates team will take care of whatever the job requires. They’ll even do office jobs, keeping startup spaces grime-free while you and your team build on your game-changing business. Just send a text and a Geniemate will arrive at your location (Currently serving NYC) A new and exciting way to request concierge style cleaning services at your fingertips.

Find out everything you need to know about how it all started…